PS. Thank you – somewhere in Daegu a teacher trainer is smiling

This arrived in my inbox. I share this message because it warmed my heart.

“PS. I can’t recite exactly what I’ve learned from day 1 till now in your class, but I feel sure that I’ve learned about how to organize the lesson from the students’ perspective and how to build the lesson step by step. even though I have a hard time doing my lesson that way at the moment, it seems I’ve found in which direction to go. That’s a big leap for me. Thank U !”

The semester ends in two weeks.  Knowing that I reached at least one teacher is one of the best New Year’s gifts I could receive.

Learning is a…Process3


  1. Josette,

    Thank you for sharing this note of appreciation from a teacher realizing their potential and learning to trust themselves and their students. It’s a testament to your program that teachers reach this kind of awareness. But it’s also a reflection of how you must create s space for learning for your students (and yourself). Thanks for a great post to start off 2013.


    1. And thank you for taking the time to share your supportive words here Kevin. Knowing that I have friends and colleagues with whom I can celebrate learning means a lot to me. Thank you for making it possible.

  2. Hi Josette,
    I wish I had someone like you as my teacher back then when I started teaching. :) There were nice teachers-colleagues to help out and support me though.

    I’m sure you have reached other teachers too.

    So glad that I met you & so many wonderful teachers now, and as you said learning is a process. So, let’s keep up with it. Tks for sharing this note of appreciation. Very inspiring.

    1. Hello Rose,
      What a generous way to look at this post. I could say the same of you no doubt. Your blog posts are great indication of the heart you put into your teaching. Your students are a lucky bunch. :)

      I share your gratitude in meeting you and all the amazing teachers in this wonderful world of blogging and Twiiter. Thanks you Rose!

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